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We have always had dogs but the `bug' struck when we bought a Labrador and a German Shepherd as family pets doing obedience and then we were introduced to showing and that was it, the show ring had caught another victim. We were hooked!

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We bought a bitch from Edna Day and Gill Ash, of the famous Gregrise kennels, Gregrise As You Like It. We had fun and learnt a lot.

As we progressed we learnt all about the different `types' of GSD's, and the people that had been in the breed for a long time helped newcomers and shared their love of the GSD.

We have had a few dogs through the years, but they are family members first and show dogs second. If the dog didn't like to show or he wasn't very good, they always stayed with us, none were re-homed.

We bought Bilnetts Inca Chief (at Parowhite) in 1993. Although he didn't win much, he had the most wonderful temperament. In fact he was far too happy in the ring.

He stayed at home, enjoying the birds in the garden and his long walks with his dog friends until his death from cancer at the age of 11.

Bilnetts Inca Chief

The most successful dog that I have had the pleasure of owning, is Champion Reneric Bronze Witchcraft at Parowhite; Zoe for short.

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Champion Reneric Bronze Witchcraft at Parowhite; Zoe for short.

I thank Eric and Rene Somerfield (Reneric) for the opportunity of having a superb little bitch. She had a wonderful temperament and she had a lovely shape for the show ring. I showed her and gained a Junior Warrant, three Challenge Certificates (making her into a Champion) and four Reserve Challenge Certificates. This was the most wonderful feeling anyone can have.

Not only was she lovely to live with, but we mated her to Champion Norwulf Going for Gold of Slatehouse to which she produced a quality litter of puppies which gave us our lovely Parowhite Band of Gold (Barney) and Parowhite Brown Sugar (Amy).

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Parowhite Band of Gold (Barney) Parowhite Brown Sugar (Amy).

The temperaments were so good that I thought we should give Zoe the chance to produce another litter for us before she was too old to breed from. Here we used Tonistan Sweet Talkin' Guy at Reneric, and we again had good temperaments and striking rich red gold and black puppies. I kept two again,  Parowhite Crazy for You (Katie) and Parowhite Classic Gold (Basil).

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Parowhite Crazy for You (Katie) Parowhite Classic Gold (Basil)

They have not disappointed me. They have superb temperaments and they are loved and cherished as part of the family.

Here at Parowhite we still class showing as "Fun" and put our dogs first, because this is our hobby and the best dog will always come home with us!


I started judging in 1989 and I remember having some lovely dogs under me. I have now been judging for a number of years and I still feel it is a great honour to judge our very wonderful breed and this job should not be taken lightly.

I am now a championship show judge for GSD's at open shows, General Champ shows (no CCs), and Breed Club shows and I have loved every one of them. Thank you to all the exhibitors for asking my opinion of their dog.

Breed Club

I was secretary for over 15 years of the Derbyshire GSD Club. We have a championship show every two years (on rotation with other breed clubs), and an open show each year held at the Sheffield United Cricket Club, on Bawtry Road, Sheffield.

I am a Kennel Club examiner for the Bronze award of the Good Citizen Scheme