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Barney and Amy were auditioned to play in Teeth `n' Smiles with Amanda Donohoe in November 2002 at the Sheffield Crucible Theatre. They both got the part and for a whole month, they played Police Dogs!

They had a busy schedule, six nights and a Saturday Matinee. They split the work between them, but Barney being the Star that he is, did the majority of the work.

They were well looked after by the staff and Actors and they even had their own dressing room, with a glitzy mirror, bed, goodies and lots of cuddles. Their names were on their door and we even had a call from the stage manager to let us know when we were on.

They were a hit with the cast and they really enjoyed their time on stage. On opening night there was a party afterwards and as Barney was playing that night, he was invited to the party to mix with the best. He enjoyed all the fuss from people.

Barney and Amy enjoyed their time as Actors so much, that they would like any producers to know that they are available for future plays and to please contact their manager (mum), on the number below!

Barney & Amy's Agent - Details: 0114 233 6262 / 0114 232 6557
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